Biodiversity in india

If the competition is high, the selection pressure will be high…individuals will be forced to change and adapt at a much faster rate than normal.

You can now reach this Biodiversity in india by the simple address www. Given the costs associated with doing so are so low corrupt officials are rarely caughtthe cost-to-benefit ratio is atrociously low and is enormously encouraging for practicing corruption!

Among animals, insects are the most species-rich taxonomic group, making up more than 70 per cent of the total. Birdlife International has identified more than 11, Important Bird Areas [8] all over the world.

Biome Largest recognizable assemblage of animals and plants on the Earth. We have to fight for it and get it by hook or crook or someone else will get it! This hypothesis considers temperaturemoistureand net primary production NPP as the main variables of an ecosystem niche and as the axis of the ecological hypervolume.

There has been insufficient integration of biodiversity issues into broader policies, strategies and programmes, and the underlying drivers of biodiversity loss have not been addressed significantly.

There is a mad race for these resources! What measures can we implement to curb corruption? Among other factors, the diversity of all living things biota depends on temperature, precipitation, altitude, soilsgeography and the presence of other species.

Alliance for Zero Extinction is an initiative of a large number of scientific organizations and conservation groups who co-operate to focus on the most threatened endemic species of the world. This also has had an effect on the environment.

There have been some measures proposed and implemented over the past few decades, the notable among which include: Field of physical geography that studies the spatial pattern of living organisms.

Vanishing coral reefsforests and other ecosystems can all take their toll and even make the effects of some natural events even worse.

Biodiversity hotspot

The National Geographic Society has prepared a world map [9] of the hotspots and ArcView shapefile and metadata for the Biodiversity Hotspots [10] including details of the individual endangered fauna in each hotspot, which is available from Conservation International.

Now the big question before everyone is how do we fix this?


If the bat population is reduced then regeneration of particular plants becomes more difficult. Of course, people will argue that these situations will not occur for whatever reasons. The term's contracted form biodiversity may have been coined by W.

This mad race for resources leads to corruption. For details see links below.

Periyar Tiger Reserve

Species evenness It measures the proportion of species at a given site, e. Actions to address the underlying drivers of biodiversity loss, including demographic, economic, technological, socio-political and cultural pressures, in meaningful ways, have also been limited.

Hotspots[ edit ] A biodiversity hotspot is a region with a high level of endemic species that have experienced great habitat loss.

This is termed as natural selection.

Saving tigers, killing people

Closely-related species however have in common much of their hereditary characteristics. Several international organizations are working in many ways to conserve biodiversity hotspots.

The conviction rate for corruption-related cases should also go up drastically. Although, we may not understand completely how species richness contributes to the well-being of an ecosystem, we know enough to realize that rich biodiversity is not only essential for ecosystem health but imperative for the very survival of the human race on this planet.

Now, since we living organisms share our resources with each other, another level of complexity arises in the form of competition for the resources. The extreme opposite of endemism is cosmopolitan distribution.Last date for submission of Tender for Supply and Installation of Exhibit Cabin at Regional Science Centre, Chalakkudy has been extended to EARTH JOURNEYS.

Biodiversity | Biodiversity of India

Earth Journeys to explore Indian Biodiversity and Food Heritage. Navdanya has been protecting biodiversity and cultural diversity with local communities of India.

Snow Leopards: Biodiversity of the World: Conservation from Genes to Landscapes is the only comprehensive work on the biology, behavior, and conservation status of the snow leopard, a species that has long been one of the least studied, and hence poorly understood, of the large cats.

Breakthroughs in technologies and methodologies to study this elusive cat have come rapidly. Welcome To Periyar Tiger Reserve - Thekkady. Periyar Tiger Reserve, Thekkady, is an example of nature’s bounty, with great scenic charm, rich bio diversity and providing veritable visitor satisfaction.

Keystone species and Foundation Species Keystone species is a species whose addition to or loss from an ecosystem leads to major changes in occurrence of at least one other species. A biodiversity hotspot is a biogeographic region with significant levels of biodiversity that is threatened with destruction.

For example forests are considered as biodiversity Status is designated by Conservation International. Norman Myers wrote about the concept in two articles in “The Environmentalist” (), & revised after thorough analysis by Myers and others in.

Biodiversity in india
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